Sean Beldon

Sean Beldon ArtistA much-celebrated local artist, many of you will be familiar with Sean’s stunning oil paintings—many of which are held in collections world-wide.

Sean has been painting since his high school days in Cape Town, selling his first painting at 16 and holding his first solo show at 22. Shifting to the UK saw Sean retire his paintbrush for a time, shifting his focus to a career in graphic design. This has only added to his artistic imaginings of landscapes, evident in his stylised prints of Rangitoto and other iconic Kiwi places. Settling in New Zealand in 2007, Sean finally dusted off his brushes to begin what has now become several breath-taking series depicting stunning Aotearoa landscapes. Sean held his third successful solo exhibition with us at the end of 2022, entitled “The Long Way Home”. 

Sean is a master of capturing the mood of the land he is painting. The storm, the mist, the hot sun, the long road—all incredibly visceral to those who view his work. His accuracy in expressing our country’s special places comes from stripping the image back to confident and bold brushstrokes. We find his style extraordinary. An everchanging selection of Sean’s work at Turua Gallery is available for your pleasure.