Judith Milner

Judith MilnerWe are so thrilled to welcome Auckland-based painter Judith to our gallery. Previously a lawyer before turning to a career in art, Judith describes her paintings as a fusion of her analytical and intuitive sides.

Representational in her works, Judith approaches nostalgic New Zealand scenes in a fresh and intimate way. She is drawn strongly to imagery that not only reminds her of her childhood, but also hints to a broader narrative beyond the frame. 

Kiwi architecture is a frequent muse of Judith's; using traditional techniques, the details and proportions are rendered with precision, giving appreciation to their historical craftsmanship. While this classes her work as realist, it is really the place's feeling that Judith seeks to capture. 

The 2021 recipient of the Michael Evans Figurative Award, this artist is one to keep an eye on. Judith's work is currently part of collections in Aotearoa and beyond. At Turua, our collection is just beginning - watch this space as more of her gorgeous landscapes arrive over time.