Carrie Broomhall

Carrie Bloomhall Artist

Carrie dreams up organically gorgeous and unique works whilst in her tiny Christchurch home studio. A contemporary artist, she loves the integration and harmony involved with mixed media—and so do we!

In the past, Carrie spent some time painstakingly hunting for her true calling. In the wake of deferring entry to the School of Fine Arts, and beginning to study computer graphic design, she made the move to beautiful France. It was there that she stumbled back onto her love for painting, after three inspirational years spent with her family. 

Valuing a multidisciplinary approach in her work, Carrie owes nature, interior design, and the world of fashion as the inspiration for her energetic pieces. Indeed, her imagination proves that the sky's the limit. It is no wonder that Carrie chooses this bright medium to celebrate life when she has had several close encounters with death— this fact has ignited her to draw upon only the most vibrant of colours. We are simply enthralled by her incredible art marking.

We are over the moon to have Carrie onboard for the Turua Tiny Show and the "Happiness Project". She spoils us with her stunning pieces, and every arrival of them to the gallery has us beyond thrilled.