Art Prints

The many names and options associated with art prints can be mind-boggling (trust us!), but here at Turua Gallery, this is all you need to know: 

These prints depict either high-resolution images of original artworks, or clever digital illustrations. Depending on the kind, art prints can be open edition (unlimited prints), or limited edition, which ranges in availability from 200 to a competitive 10 prints. Most commonly, these works are printed on high quality archival paper with archival inks, which are known to be long lasting. We have art prints available from many of our artists, including Josh Lancaster, Abbey Merson, and Jane Puckey—this is a wonderful way to enjoy those original works that you love, but are out of reach! Alternatively, you can browse the digitally created works of Glen Jones and Totaea Randall. Remember to check the edition type so you don’t miss out!