Dominique Marriott

Dominque Marriot Artist

We are stoked to host Dominique, a Waikato-based artist, here at Turua Gallery. Working as an artist since her 2015 graduation from Unitec’s Visual Arts degree, she is focused on life drawing, painting directly from a nude model in a bold and unfettered manner. The model poses for short periods—Dominique uses the time-crunch to channel energetic movement into her lines. The result is an impressive, confident marking of the human state. Central to her style is the quality of Japanese art forms and Zen, merging Eastern style with her western background in figure painting. Studying under Grand Master Akiko Crowther in Japanese calligraphy, her masterful traditional brushstrokes of sumi ink is highly evident.

Due to her rapid pace and unpredictable medium, Dominique has embraced the spontaneity that comes with her work. Her hand is led by instinct, and any mistakes become part of her brushstroke rhythm. In fact, the sessions are so energetic that she has painted live in front of an audience, in an interesting performance-based exhibition. After each model session, she undergoes a rigorous selection process in which only a few pieces are chosen from the many she has produced. We are simply thrilled at the opportunity to offer Dominique’s beautiful works, both framed and unframed.


We recently hosted a joint show with Dominique alongside painter Dean Wallace, and there is a simply delicious selection of her original exhibition pieces (framed and unframed) waiting just for you!