Sweet Thing SOLD OUT

After the unprecedented success of her 2022 solo exhibition "Mortal Dreams" where over 60 artworks sold in 2 hours, Carmel van der Hoeven returns with "Sweet Thing", back in our gallery at 10 Turua Street, St Heliers. An incredible collection of all new original works that see's Carmel exploring many new avenues of her much loved floral works.

This collection of over 40 pieces includes her foray into oil painting, both large scale at 1600mm x 1600mm and a wonderful series of still life works that came about from Carmel painting freshly picked arrangements from her florist sister, Milly of Primm Gardens. Also a first, these still life oil pieces are framed in extravagant frames that work beautifully with the drama of the colour palettes. 

Many of you will have seen Carmel experimenting with her macro works - the antithesis of her mini works she launched in her 2022 show. There will be one of these striking pieces available at "Sweet Thing" and it is a real show stopper. Approximately 1950mm x 1400mm framed, the extravagant gestural marks of this piece are a joy to see in person.

For those of you who adore Carmel's in demand classic abstract floral, fear not, there is a wonderful collection in various sizes of these works, along with a new collection of her mini's & her oil pastel studies.

"Intoxicated with life I want to feel all of its sweetness, its bitterness. There is beauty everywhere in nature but it's also brutal, harsh and always happening, changing, growing. This is my “sweet thing” exhibition" Carmel van der Hoeven