Jay Lloyd

Jay Lloyd Artist

We just adore the serenity of Jay’s beautiful sculptures. Jay crafts these wonderful bronze pieces by hand at his foundry on Waiheke Island, capturing the essence of nature in each piece without unnecessary detail, with clean lines & a sense of movement, to evoke memories, without the complication of unnecessary detail.

Bronze has for centuries been revered for its unparalleled qualities by sculptors. I take pride in the hand craft nature of what I do and have been on this journey for more than 30 years.  I do a variety of work from jewellery to sculpture and my work is exhibited throughout New Zealand and is held in private collections in New Zealand, America, Europe and Asia

I qualified as an industrial designer the 1980’s but I’m fortunate that my work has allowed me to follow a different path.

* Some of the larger pieces of Jay's work may need to be ordered in for you.