Gilly Sheffield

Gilly Sheffield ArtistCreating is in Gilly’s blood—she grew up surrounded by craft paraphernalia and the tune of the sewing machine. It’s no surprise that this talented artist unearths the allure in the antiquated. Gilly’s obsession with old roofing iron began with the early-00’s renovation of an old villa. She was fascinated by the sense of beautiful history of this material as a cornerstone of New Zealand housing—the lives it had sheltered, and the stories it witnessed. Gilly felt that the scrap heap was no place for something so composite to our own beginnings and ends.

Gilly honours the sense of meaning within the material. At first, she cut the iron into simple crosses, allowing the sense of raw history to shine through. A few years later, she inscribed the crosses with her own whakapapa, and the concept of Corrugated Histories was born.

Hers is a work of constant evolvement—most recently, she has been weaving threads instead of words to portray the interlinked nature of family, culture, and heritage. We are thrilled to show these rustic ‘Corrugated Histories’ crosses, which look gorgeous hung alone, as a group, or alongside other artworks.