Helen Bankers

Helen Bankers Artist & PhotographerThe natural world has always enticed the NZ-based photographer Helen. Her talent at capturing new and intimate angles of flora has taken her work globally, for a myriad of esteemed publications and brands. We are so in love with her and her camera!

Helen grew up in rustic Tokoroa, near the lush Waikato farmland. Her sharp eye for detail brings a painterly quality to her photographs, and we were lucky to hold Helen’s first solo exhibition ‘Light Years’ here at Turua Gallery in 2019! For her current work, she draws inspiration from Renaissance-era paintings in tangent with nature’s ever-evolving aesthetics. Her photographs have an enchanting depth, as if whispering a secret. We must warn that upon viewing you will be spellbound!

There is a gorgeous range of Helen’s current botanical work with us at Turua, which focuses on fine form and intricacy. These pieces are available in framed and unframed low edition prints. So much for you to love!