Lester Hall

Lester Hall ArtistMeet Lester Hall, a print-maker from Wellington whose art packs a political punch! 

Born in 1956, Lester has immersed himself in New Zealand's rich history and the vibrant mix of Maori, European, and Pacific cultures. After losing much of his eyesight due to medical malpractice some time ago, Lester ingeniously adapted his process to what he playfully calls "tradigital" art—a fusion of digital techniques and traditional hand-painting. This method allows him to click, paste, and collage his way to creating vibrant, thought-provoking pieces.

Lester's work is meticulous and involves a lot of ink and paper, materials that he believes help bring his ideas to life. Describing himself as an outsider artist and social commentator, Lester forms his art through conversation with himself. In the past, he has worked as a design and display technician with a major collection of Maori and Pacific artifacts at the Auckland Institute and Museum - which no doubt contributes greatly to the topic of national identity and personal philosophy that inspires his prints. 

Owning a Lester Hall print means joining in on this crucial conversation about who we are as a country, and where we are headed. Come see what magic Lester stirs up next!