Josh Lancaster

Josh Lancaster ArtistPainting has called to Josh since he was little. In 2016, he finally submitted to his destiny, and moved to Hawkes Bay to have a proper go at it. His works capture the geography of the heart—the places we call ‘ours’, beyond a point on a map. Based in Havelock North with his three sons Lennix, Archie, and Spike, the four of them can often be spotted having a row over who’s the best at Fortnite, or who cheated playing rock-paper-scissors. Eventually, though, the younger three are off to bed, allowing a bit of quiet painting time. 

Josh’s bold lines and evocative palette make his artworks distinctive, original, and highly desired. His pieces happily hang in homes from New Zealand to more exotic locations such as Hong Kong, Dubai, and London.

Being one of his generation’s top advertising creatives, Josh’s artistic endeavours achieve similar plaudits to his advertising ventures. His debut solo show and subsequent shows have been sell-outs!

Turua Gallery currently has an extensive range of Josh’s limited edition giclee prints from his originals. At times, we might also be lucky enough to offer his original works—a rare treat, so keep an eye out!