Frankie Meaden

Frankie Meaden Artist

Taking embroidery to a new and immense level, Frankie wows us with her botanic-themed pieces. She is all about sustaining the nature we so rely on, meaning that the vibrant materials we see in her work are all recycled. 

Frankie has been a multi-disciplinary artist since 2016, with her specialty being a mix of embroidery and painting. She has ingeniously entwined two worlds: the minute detail of classical embroidery blown up into sweeping compositions will take your breath away. We find the scale of her art completely intoxicating- a great fit for large walls and double-height stairwells.

Through brightly coloured rope and repurposed street banners, Frankie uniquely captures the rich biodiversity of our world. She layers her materials on canvas cleverly to create a rich and impactful picture, and we can't get enough! 

We are stoked to host Frankie's joyful works in our gallery. Come along to see the brilliant texture of her pieces up close.