Philippa Bentley

Philippa Bentley Artist

Described as “highly unusual and utterly delightful”, Philippa’s artwork takes nature and how we experience it to a new and striking level. She has been a professional artist in Auckland for fifteen years, winning awards in painting, printmaking, and design. We have been fortunate enough to celebrate her very successful solo exhibition, "Ultramarine" at Turua in 2021.

Growing up with a sprawling garden, Philippa has always loved the outdoors, and was fascinated with insects from a young age. Her careful observations of the natural world are reflected in her attention to detail, resulting in artwork that retains a sense of wonder.  

Spending much time near water, Philippa is currently working with sea charts, boats, and seabirds in both paint and print. We find these works incredibly engaging, occasionally with an added interactive element called Augmented Reality (AR)—something that quite literally brings the work to life.

Philippa’s artworks are held in collections across the world (including our own little corner!), and she is available for commissions through Turua Gallery.