Robin Ranga

Robin Ranga

Robin is a multi-media artist who has won recognition in both ceramics and painting, and for good reason! Her works are breath-taking and heartfelt—and despite their size, fill the room.

Woodcarving was Robin’s initiation into her art practice. It demanded an appreciation for precision, resilience, and fragility in using natural material. Now, Robin works in a variety of media, responding to her overarching interest in organic form and design.

Because perception is personal, many of her works explore compassionate issues, striving to create opportunities of empathy between differing perceptions. Her artistic response to the Christchurch Massacre, called “An Offering”, is one of many that achieve this awareness, and recently won her the Portage Ceramic Award.

We offer her very popular ceramic wall plaque series, named “There is only one of me”. Each piece has unique, hand-painted silhouettes frozen in time, that each have their own story. On lucky occasions, we also offer a select amount of Robin’s gorgeous, hand-made ceramic sculptures. We don’t get these precious statuettes often, and they don’t stay with us long due to their high demand! 

Perfect for that small space, we adore Robin’s touching pieces. Our selection in the gallery may vary to those shown on our site due to their unique and popular nature, so please contact us or come and visit.