Hannah Shand

Hannah Shand Artist

A connoisseur of breath-takingly detailed drawings, Hannah sketches her passion for New Zealand birdlife and flora. She uses her art and photography skills to showcase the beauty of Aotearoa’s wildlife, drawing attention to how lucky we are to be part of this nation. 

Not only an artist, Hannah is also active in conservation groups and bird sanctuaries, promoting awareness about the cruciality of their mission. Her artwork is an extension of this crusade, providing conservation funds and donations. Each original artwork takes four to sixteen weeks of careful rendering with pen to enliven each bird’s unique characteristics. She also produces hand-signed, limited-edition prints using the highest quality archival paper, inks, and drawing processes. In capturing the animation of these creatures in hyper-reality, Hannah hopes to inspire a sense of protection over our native ecosystem.  

We have a variety of Hannah’s glorious prints in Turua Gallery, available in sizes ranging from A4 to A1. Spot a print you love? Inquire with us to find the size you’re after!