Original Prints

An original print is a cleverly hand-crafted design, pressed into a bespoke artwork. Unlike art prints, these aren’t reproducible. Simply put, once a piece has sold, there will never be any more like it. We have a wide collection of original prints that showcase a variety of time-honoured techniques—lithography itself is thought to be the oldest form of printmaking. Many hours are spent on printmaking; actualising each piece requires not only meticulous skill, but a creatively dreamed-up vision. Tony Ogle, Annie Smits Sandano, and Paroa Tiatoa are some of the many talented printmakers of the collections we have. From screen prints, mezzotints, and lithographs to wood block, etching, and jetscreen prints, Turua has plenty of unique pieces to admire!

A few wee titbits to know: Editions can be as low as 1/1, or up to 200. A/P is an “artist proof”—these are the editions the artist will undertake to perfect the print, before launching into their finished renditions.