Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones Artist

Glenn Jones truly captures what it is to be Kiwi—sunny coastlines, local dairy runs—always with a dash of humour. Based in Auckland with his wife and three kids, Glenn has always had a penchant to make people smile with his creative visions. Since founding Glenn Jones Art, he has been working hard at developing his stunning fine art prints.

A previous creative director, working on some of New Zealand’s most prominent brands including our beloved Tip Top, Glenn is no stranger to the artistic world. Online fame found his quirky T-shirt designs in the mid-2000’s, leading to his successful establishment of a U.S-based T-shirt brand. Glenn knew his art had something special when his tees found their way onto the chests of stars, including the Big Bang Theory cast.

We have a range of Glenn’s prints here at the gallery, and we can truly say that his work leaves you feeling that warm Kiwiana nostalgia. Come and see for yourself!