Sam Leitch

Sam Leitch Artist

A contemporary artist with talent to spare, Sam Leitch creates transcendently surreal artworks. After earning his Bachelor of Visual Art at the Auckland University of Technology, Sam sold out his very first exhibition in record time, and has since then dedicated his life to a career in art.

“From bottles of wine to bulldogs, birds, and people, I try to explore the world with optimism, raising unanswerable questions”. Sam sees himself as a storyteller of the everyday life and the unknown. His amalgamation of commonplace objects and surrealist expression has been heavily influenced by artistic heroes Picasso and Basquiat. Just like the works of these art legends, Sam’s pieces can command any space.

A hallmark of Sam’s work is his expertly hand-made stretched canvases and quality timber frames—flexible to a home or corporate environment. Painting nearly every day in multiple-hour blocks, it is a true testament to Sam’s passion and dedication to his career. It is no wonder his artworks are so intoxicating to view. We hold a great selection of Sam’s surrealist pieces at the gallery, both originals and prints—please enquire with us!