Philina Den Dulk

Philina Den Dulk Artist

A full-time artist living in Oamaru, Philina is the creator of the very cool ‘Platefuls’ range. She loves working with various textures to explore visual language, and strongly believes that memories are integral to telling a great story.

Philina’s ‘Platefuls’ series use vintage crockery combined with contemporary images and sayings. This pastiche of eras invokes nostalgia and breathes new life into the ceramics. She garners much joy hunting for the perfect vintage cake plates and side dishes to create her stunning pieces. Some of her finished works include dainty, feminine embellishments, and others are a result of her cheekier side (a guaranteed chuckle!).  

We have a beautiful, everchanging selection of Philina’s pieces. Her plates can be hung solo, bought as a collection, or added to existing collections—boundless options according to your personal taste!