Abbey Merson

Abbey Merson Painting from her studio in Hastings, Abbey’s art expresses her love for flora, landscapes, and vibrant colours. Having been an avid and imaginative creator from a young age, her easel had never strayed too far from her side—but after 15 years working as a picture framer, Abbey realised that she could no longer stave off her dream to paint full-time.  

So, in 2018, Abbey jumped with both feet into the painting world, brimming with a fresh set of ideas. Her artworks and prints can be described as a wonderland—breath-taking floral components mixed with vivid colour alchemy. Having painted daily for the past 5 years, Abbey’s studio space is charming maelstrom of art supplies and various works in progress. It is a place for her to escape into her paintings, where she can make sense of the world, and revisit nostalgic moments of her childhood.   Though Abbey continues to explore and evolve her style, she always finds herself beginning her work with a foraged flower, or a treasure gifted from a friend. From there, the painting takes on a life of its own, as she allows her hand to intuitively guide her work. Abbey is devoted to make people smile with her gorgeous work, and we can vouch for that!