Carmel Van Der Hoeven

Carmel Van Der Hoeven Artist

Carmel has been showing her breath-taking work here at Turua Gallery for many years —and her pieces never last long (trust us!). A self-taught, multidisciplinary artist who often works under the name George Sand Studio, she has great enthusiasm for all things colour and canvas. Currently based in Pirongia with her husband Luke and their children, Carmel made the leap into full-time painting a few years ago—a testament to her passion & skill.

In dreaming up her various works, Carmel looks to the surroundings that resonate with her. Her floral series involves marking the canvas with meticulous painted brush strokes, creating an intricate visual of time and rhythm within nature. If you’re a proud Kiwi, the State House Series is simply wonderful in capturing a slice of Aotearoa life. Carmel imbues a sense of nostalgia and joy within all her pieces through colour and strokes alike, and we can safely say we are enchanted.   

With four sold-out exhibitions under her belt, including Rhythm, and By Contrast, Carmel’s artistry is highly coveted. Last year she sold "Mortal Dreams", consisting of 63 pieces that took a year to make, only two hours into opening night— a truly amazing feat! If you want to check out her past exhibitions here at Turua, please head to our events page and click on the Event Details button for each exhibition—we show both Carmel’s floral works and State Houses Series. Carmel is not currently taking on any commissions.  

Carmel's 2024 solo exhibition"State Of Play" opens on 22 March from 5pm with an auction of State House #100 during the opening - check back here or the events page for further details, viewing & auction timing.

"State Of Play" will be the final release of works in this series.

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