Alicia Beech

Alicia Beech Artist

Living and working in Te Puna, Alicia Beech creates stunning kaleidoscopic-like scenes, using vibrant imagery and rhythmic compositions. Flora is important to her—she draws heavily upon her experiences in her wonderful garden and surrounding landscapes.  

Alicia always focuses on natural motifs, and her paintings give attention to detail through both geometric patterns and shapes reminiscent of fragrant blooms. Alicia’s style can be described as a dynamic bridge between abstract and representational imagery. Her theme is transmutable, much like the constantly evolving flora narrative she is inspired by.  

The process Alicia’s work goes through is tremendous. She employs mixed-media painting in boldly coloured fauvism-style palettes, juxtaposing a variety of hues. Much time is spent fusing layers of transparent elements with opaque imagery to create a painting that ‘dances’.  Alicia has successfully exhibited in Australia, as well as our own Aotearoa. Additionally, her work has been sold to private collectors in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, the U.K., and the U.S. Come along to Turua Gallery to view Alicia’s brilliant artworks. We know you will enjoy them as much as we do.