Narelle Huggins

Narelle Huggins Artist Image

We are extremely pleased to be showing the vibrant work of Narelle, here at Turua Gallery. Previously an architect, Narelle is largely self-taught as a painter, who works in acrylic with both palette knife and brush.  She is inspired by landscape and still life, drawing the two themes together with her felt nostalgia.

Having lived most of her life in various parts of Australia before calling New Zealand home, Narelle’s landscape and townscape paintings are inspired by the contrast she experiences in her travels. 

With a keen interest in mid-20th century design, Narelle often includes ‘vintage’ pieces in her still life paintings, which draw on a nostalgic connection to time. Alongside a love for all things botanical, the subjects of her still life paintings are mostly harvested from her own garden.  

However, most overwhelmingly, we find that the theme of celebration and joy explodes from Narelle’s colourful works. Turua Gallery is the happy host to a selection of her still life originals.