Maria Napier

Maria NapierGrowing up in rural Waikato, Maria has always felt a connection to the land and its ever-changing nature. Now working in her Karaka home studio, we see this connection breathtakingly emulated through her coastal and rural imagery.

Whilst at first glance her paintings appear to fall within the realism genre, Maria does not strive to simply replicate an image to photographed perfection. Rather, she paints her own interpretation, using colour and light to enhance a scene and its purity.

Most often, Maria’s scenes celebrate the landscape absent of human interference. Each finished work is a unique capsule in time, down to the weather conditions and tide. While her subjects can be quite nationally iconic, she also finds joy in depicting the simplicity of everyday landscapes. You might not recognise a particular scene, but its depiction will make you feel as though you travelled there not long ago.

Maria has been with us since 2019, and we will never tire of her stunning landscapes. She celebrated her first ever solo show with us at the beginning of 2022, where her work was so sought after that only one piece remained at the exhibition's close. A beautiful selection of her original works awaits your viewing pleasure.