Josh Davison

Josh Davison Artist
A true sensation in contemporary art, Auckland-based Joshua Davison makes for an impressive addition to Turua Gallery. His creativity manifests in the gap between wooden sculpture and painting, showcasing a rare and riveting style. We are honoured to host his work and its hypnotising contrasts of texture, colour, realism, and abstraction. 
Though self-taught, Joshua practices traditional oil-painting techniques that hark back centuries; imprimatura, a favoured renaissance approach, and sfumato, a da Vinci staple, are just a couple of the historical techniques he dabbles in. Also quite the innovator, he includes his methodical palette knife technique and textural piping model paste in his art practice. This medley of new-and-old gives Joshua’s works a sense of true originality. 

Nature is a central focus of these masterful pieces— Joshua directs attention to the striking colours and symmetry of nature that we often come across, but overlook. His paintings are meditative, and diffuse a sense of organic tranquility in any space they inhabit. 

As you will agree, these works are a precious investment of expertise, time, and imagination, which is reflected in their pricing. Don’t shy away— these paintings are truly priceless wherever they are hung! Walk by our gallery to glimpse these pieces in their full glory.