Rodney Fumpston

Rodney Fumpston ArtistRodney is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated printmakers, his pieces finding themselves in Te Papa, Auckland Art Gallery, and many other public and private collections. Though Auckland-based, he was born in Fiji in 1947. Rodney went on to graduate from Elam with a masters in Fine Art (with first class honours!), before studying art in London and winning the QEII Art award in both ’80 and ’83. A highly successful and well-deserving artist. 

While Rodney is well-known for his etchings, he also uses the mediums of aquatinting and woodcuts. He is ingenious at pushing the limits of certain techniques, and using his vast skills to produce truly special works that draw you in.  

We are fortunate enough to host a wonderful selection of Rodney’s pieces in the gallery, including framed works. Many of the prints we have are the final available of the edition—you don’t want to miss out!