Agate Rubene

Agate Rubene ArtistAgate is the artist and illustrator behind the striking brand Restless & Infectious

She is a well-travelled woman: after studying at Riga Design and Art school, she moved to Herning, in Denmark, and then later to Amsterdam, to complete degrees in Design and Business in TEKO, and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Currently, she resides in our very own Aotearoa, and works from Auckland.

With her extensive background in fashion, Agate’s initial exploration of fashion illustration has played a huge part in the development of her unique style. Drawing upon life’s pleasures, Agate’s work captures the emotions of people (and their actions) through a vivacious lens—and we can’t get enough!

Agate finds her inspiration in her daily personal experiences, mood, and the aesthetic of pop culture. Her employment of bright colours and fluidly harmonious contours creates a breathtaking alternate reality that truly catches the eye.

We have a great selection of Agate’s lively originals and prints in our gallery, just for you.