Alice Berry

Alice Berry ArtistAlice Berry, originally from Tauranga, is an abstract expressionist artist. Her style is distinct and individual, and she creates with passion, owing to her personal experiences and intuition. Alice doesn’t believe in colouring inside the lines, a point you’ll notice by looking closely at the paint spilling over the frames. Likewise, the organic shapes and textures she uses signals her appreciation of rough, natural beauty. In addition to painting on canvas, Alice also hand-builds ceramics, and is a skilled graphic designer, now based in Auckland. Lucky us!

Naturally occurring gems and crystals are the inspiration for Alice’s “Uncut Gems” series. She feels that these raw gems are metaphorical of ourselves, as humans: we are both formed perfectly imperfect. Alongside this, each unique crystal Alice chose is believed to hold its own spiritual healing properties, which is considered when translated on canvas. Looking at each individual painting will give you a sense of this uplifting quality that Alice has cleverly emulated in her work. We have a dazzling collection of Alice’s originals in the gallery, all of which come with the crystal, gifted by Alice, that acted as muse for each piece.