Present in Absence

Helen Dean & John Allen
29 July - 11 August 2022

Opening night from 5pm Friday 29th July

Presale Thursday 28th July in the gallery

Presence in AbsenceBringing together the incredible work of John Allen and Helen Dean this exhibition promises to bring you pieces that you will see differently each time you view them.

For Helen, the name given to the show reflects that each painting is built up over time by layering forms, brushstrokes, blocks of transparent & opaque colour, one step informing the next. Although the earlier layers are ‘lost’ & visually absent, their presence is still felt through the final artwork -in both the depth of texture & colour & the richness of the story told. While for John "Present in Absence" means both creating a shape with empty space which gives meaning to the shape, and the process of stripping away the nonessential to expose the beauty of the core and the feeling of wholeness.

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