[PHOTO] Synthesis

Tim Corbett
7th June - 28th June 2019

Opening night from 5pm Friday 7th June 2019

Photo Synthesis Exhibition Tim Corbett[Photo] Synthesis, is curated upon Tim's recent award winning work & is presented in large format, archival prints to encourage viewers to slow down, absorb & connect. They are inspired by the fine line pencil & watercolour drawings early botanists made to record the intricate structure & beauty found in flora, capturing them for both research & to communicate through art.

Lotus Lilies, the subject of this series, have been used throughout history & across cultures to symbolise purity, peace, harmony & grace. Their growth pattern of rising up from the mud before flowering is used to represent our own struggles to detach & rise above our struggles, so we too can find harmony & peace. 

All these images are taken ‘in situ’ with natural light, no studio lighting, artificial light or image manipulation. As such, these images can never be repeated or replicated, they are, as nature presented them, on this particular day, in February, 2019.

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