Slice of Life

Harriet Millar

25 August - 6 September

Opening night from 5pm Friday 25 August.

Online Pre-sale of selected pieces Thursday 24 August from 6pm. Simply head to our homepage at 6pm and click the link.

The entire collection will be online from 6.30pm on Friday 25th August and all available pieces will be able to be purchased online.

We are in for a treat with Harriet's first Auckland solo show. You love her scrumptious colour filled paintings that make us feel joy and happy.

One of the first artists to be with our gallery, Christchurch-based Harriet has been an acrylic partisan ever since learning that children, furniture, and oil paints don’t mix well! After having worked extensively for Barkers of Geraldine, and successfully outsourcing her five children to school, she returned to her love of painting.

Hugely inspired by the magic of New Zealand landscapes, Harriet interprets local and rural scenes around New Zealand in a way that explodes with vivacity. Her style involves substantial layers of thick and loose expressive brushstrokes, indulging in hints of unexpected colour. Landscapes, still life and floral pieces, and even a car or two, all captured in an expressive and luscious way that captures our hearts.

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