Bodies in Bloom

Dominique Marriott & Dean Wallace
24 March - 5 April 2023

Bodies in Bloom

"Bodies in Bloom” a simply gorgeous joint exhibition of all new original works by Dominique Marriott and Dean Wallace.

Dominique’s work is a wonderful collection of her trademark confident, simple lines that embody the energy & grace of each pose she has captured in her life drawing sessions. This collection brings you new works in the this divine blue ink, along with her much loved black sumi ink pieces. Each work is beautifully float framed in natural wood.

Dean Wallace is showing a collection of all new oil paintings. Capturing the drama, texture and colour of the much loved hydrangea, Dean will be exhibiting a divine body of work that also includes his sought after still life works. Many of you have been after Dean's larger works and you will not be disappointed.

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Dominique Marriott

orking as an artist since her 2015 graduation from Unitec’s Visual Arts degree, Dominique is focused on life drawing, painting directly from a nude model in a bold and unfettered manner. The model poses for short periods—Dominique uses the time-crunch to channel energetic movement into her lines. The result is an impressive, confident marking of the human state. Central to her style is the quality of Japanese art forms and Zen, merging Eastern style with her Western background in figure painting.

Due to her rapid pace and unpredictable medium, Dominique has embraced the spontaneity that comes with her work. Her hand is led by instinct, and any mistakes become part of her brushstroke rhythm. In fact, the sessions are so energetic that she has painted live in front of an audience, in an interesting performance based exhibition. After each model session, she undergoes a rigorous selection process in which only a few pieces are chosen from the many she has produced.

Recently Dominique has developed her practice to include works using blue acrylic - the delightful result forming part of this collection of all new work.

This is Dominique’s first joint exhibition with Turua Gallery. View Dominique's collection


Establishing himself as an artist has not been straightforward for Dean Wallace. As a young boy growing up in Hawkes Bay, Dean loved to paint and draw. His adult life saw him briefly diverging into other career paths, before pursuing a Bachelor of Graphic Design and becoming the Creative Director of a design agency he founded with his wife, Melissa. After over two decades of heading their design agency, Dean and Melissa decided to plunge into a new career path. This big lifestyle change signalled the beginning of Turua Gallery. Thankfully, for Dean, this meant more time to paint! Dean’s love of still life and nostalgic objects affords him the inspiration to paint daily. Dean captures these subjects in a way that connects with the hearts of viewers. He always found an appreciation of texture, which is evident in many of his works featuring brown paper, corrugated iron, and glass. Deans most recent works include a charming fruit series, and a heavily sentimental ‘Sunday Flowers’ series—stunning depictions of the large hydrangea bushes he would see on his Sunday visits to his grandmother’s home in Napier. Each of his pieces possess a magical quality evoking days gone by, which absorbs every viewer. This is Dean's first joint exhibition with Turua Gallery. View Dean Wallace's collection